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Wooden toys – Educational and Environment Friendly

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I am utterly grateful wooden toys are making a comeback! From all the toys I had as a child, my dearest were my wooden blocks and a tea party set. I loved them! Legos are also great, but wooden toys have a special nostalgic value to me. My daughter also loves them and plays with them, without me having to play pretend with her Barbie dolls.

The benefits of wooden toys in early childhood

Wooden toys are a great gift for every child, even from the youngest of age. They stimulate creativity and imagination.

Since wooden toys are simple, they encourage kids to make up their own sounds, movements and scenarios. Instead of passively staring at a screen, they play actively while in the same time developing their cognitive and fine motor skills.

Another great thing to love about wooden toys is that they are ECO friendly. They are usually handmade, resistant (less broken toys=less waste), and even if you throw them out, they will dissolve since they are biodegradable.

You will find bellow a list of some of the cutest wooden sets on Amazon. These are also a great holiday or birthday gift, so next time you can’t think of a perfect gift, this is definitely the one for any kid, boy or girl.

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10 best wooden toys sets

1. Wooden bead maze

This one is great for young kids. Even though it is recommended for kids of one year and up, my nephew loved it and played with it (under supervision) from 6 months. It is great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

2. Rainbow building blocks set

A classic toy with endless possibilities that will provide hours of play! Kids can build, solve problems, make their own figures… Suitable for kids around the age of 3 and up. Even though we had them even earlier, my daughter wasn’t very interested in them (other than spilling them on the floor) when she was younger.

3. Wooden tool box set

As we all know, kids love playing with all the kitchen utensils and all of daddy’s tools. This is the cutest tool box set you will find. Even though a tool box might be mainly considered a boys toy, trust me, girls love it too. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

4. Wooden kitchen set

As stated above, kids love all the stuff grown ups use, so kitchen play set is an essential. Be prepared to be served a lot of imaginary meals :)).

5. Wooden tea set

This one is just so cute. Your kid can totally live without it, but is so darn cute!

6. Wooden musical set

I hate musical toys. My daughter loves them. This is the compromise. This toy is the fancier version of the old school xylophone we all grew up with. Recommended for kids at the age of 2 and up.

7. Wooden pull along toy

Kids love pull along toys. I really don’t understand why, and I am always terrified when my daughter walked with it, since she was looking backwards instead of watching her steps, but somehow we have few of these at our home. They come in all different forms and shapes, and are a gift that will be used on and off for a few years.

8. Hedgehog gear puzzle

This is a great educational toy that will teach your kid cause and effect and simple mechanics. Colorful and fun with a new combination every time your kids plays with it.

9. Wooden A-Z space set

This puzzle is for bigger kids. It is great for the phase when your kid wants to know more about space and is developed enough to solve more complicated puzzles.

10. Wooden cactus – balancing toy

This is definitely a toy for bigger kids. Great for teaching balance, basic math, and also patience :).

Call me nostalgic, but I would choose a wooden toy any time over a plastic truck or Elsa doll. Hope you and your kid have fun playing!

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