The Best Baby Products I Used As A New Mom And Found The Most Helpful

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As every mom out there, I have spent endless and countless hours reading literally every article out there about baby products that I might need once the baby comes.

Of course I had more free time during my pregnancy before the baby came, and trust me when I say that I have spent A LOT of money on stuff that I literally didn’t use at all!

Like every other mom, of course I bought toys even for when the baby gets a bit bigger, hoping he would play with them. And let me tell you only one thing – He didn’t even look twice at the cute little baby toys!!! My son played with remotes, little boxes, kitchen utensils, toilet paper even! Babies don’t play much with toys but they play with literally everything else.

This is a list for products that I used and found very helpful during our more difficult times.

I don’t recommend products that I haven’t used; I only recommend the stuff that I have used and that I am 100% happy with and believe that they will work for you because they have worked for me. This will be the only baby products I will be purchasing for baby #2.

1. Teething

When it comes to a teething baby, I had a bunch of teething toys, gels, stuff you put in the freezer and then the baby is supposedly going to bite on that……nope!

When it comes to teething, my recommendation is this:

1. Baby Fresh Food Feeder – Life Saver!

I would put a slice of apple, carrot, watermelon, banana – whatever you want and that your baby likes. Carter liked chewing on whatever I gave him and he would be snacking for a long time. When the food is all chewed up, you throw whatever is left and you put in a new slice. Risk of choking – zero! This right here was a life saver!

2. 3 Different Set of Toothbrushes – Perfect for even before teeth start coming in!

I ABSOLUTELY recommend this one right here! Even before Carter got his first teeth, he would chew on the toothbrush and massage his gums! He seemed to really enjoy it and that it really helped him. Once he was about a year old or a little before, he would even move the toothbrush as he is brushing his teeth. He was massaging his gums right where they were hurting and it helped him with the pain. He would never let me do it for him, and it was a battle to put some of the teething gel on his gums, and even when I did, I noticed that it didn’t help.

3. Teething Mitten – HELLO BEST THING EVER!

Do I even need to elaborate on this one? You get it. You need it. Get it!

4. Amber Teething Necklace 

I am not sure if it helped honestly, but we had it anyways. People say it does so Carter was wearing it at all times, except bath time and night time when he was asleep. But I guess when the tooth is coming through the gums, right before it comes out, it hurts them so much that I don’t think anything helps at that point. So maybe the necklace did help us on some other days.

  • People will recommend a lot of stuff and things that have worked for them. What worked for me are those three things right there. Trust me when I say, just like every other parent, I have tried EVERYTHING!

2. They call it the “Baby Shusher – The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies” and trust me, It Is A MIRACLE!

In a period of very desperate times, that lasted for almost 2 months, Carter was teething and it was absolute hell. I am a single mom so I was the only one on baby duty 24/7. As we all know, desperate times call for desperate measures.

After spending countless hours, since I never slept, trying to find a solution, I watched a video about this amazing product right here and it was a video of a baby crying so the parent whoops out this baby shusher thing and the baby instantly calms and falls asleep. SOLD!

You can set it to shush for 15 or 30 minutes, you can set the volume and voilà – you have a calm and most likely a sleeping baby!

I would use this thing in the car, in the stroller, at night, during every fussy stage you can think of. Of course I only used it when baby was fed, diaper changed, burped and had no real troubles or pains. Only when I knew it is time for a nap or night night. Trust me when I say that this changed my life!!

Now that Carter is older, every time I turn it on, he looks around and looks for a person that might be shushing and hiding somewhere. But for a good 6 months there, this thing was my go-to!

3. Nipple Cream – that good stuff, oh yeahh..

The only nipple cream that worked for me, and I tried all of them, was the Medela Nipple Cream. No need to wipe off cream before baby breastfeeds and it helped me with my poor sore you know what. This stuff is GOLD! And one little tube lasted forever!

Unfortunately, our breastfeeding journey didn’t last long because I simply couldn’t produce enough milk, and then not at all, so we continued with formula.

4. Formula Dispenser/Snack Cup

When we started feeding with formula, once breastfeeding was over for us, Carter would have 2-3 bottles a night at the beginning. He’d wake up and demand the boob, and in our case, we transferred to bottles.

I didn’t want to be scooping out formula every night, and this was before I knew that the formula dispenser is a real thing. Don’t laugh at me, or do, but I got 2-3 empty small cups and had formula in there ready for me in the middle of the night, and the only thing I needed was to get the water ready real quick.

After a few days, someone told me that there is something called formula dispenser, which is very cheap by the way, and to go and get it. But in my defense, as a new mom, I didn’t even know that my breasts would stop producing milk, let alone that a formula dispenser exists.

5. Diaper Changing Underpad Liner – A Must Have at all times!

So many times Carter has surprised me with pooping out of nowhere while changing his diaper. So I had to use these things and put under him every time we changed a diaper.

Also, for when diaper leaks in the middle of the night because that stuff happens sometimes, I would always have this in between the mattress and the sheet.

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6. Video Baby Monitor

Before Carter was born, I bought a baby monitor but without a camera. I regret not spending just a little more money for it to actually purchase the one with a camera on it.  The one I had was so sensitive, it would react even if Carter was breathing right by it without even moving. So on every two minutes I would go to the room to check on him to see what the signal was about. And I kept doing that for months until Carter finally started waking up by the sound of the door opening. So that is when I went and purchased the one with the camera on it and I honestly regret not doing it sooner.

7. Bed Rail 

For all the nights that Carter wouldn’t sleep unless we were holding hands, even as a 6 month old, or in times when he was teething or sick so he wanted to be cuddled up with me, I had this bed rail to save him from rolling off the bed. I am so happy for purchasing this! If your baby is just like mine, rolling around and tossing and turning all night, and if you guys sleep in the same bed sometimes, this thing is a must have!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or message us and we will give you advice and opinions on more products that you are not sure about. Trust me, I know A LOT, only because I have used and bought almost everything there is out there because I guess I enjoyed spending money for no reason and I was clueless and thought that we really would be using everything I bought. But we didn’t, we only used very little.


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