handle tantrums

Handle tantrums like a pro with these 3 easy steps

Kids are not well known for being “reasonable”. Or well behaved. Or choosing the time for their meltdowns and tantrums. It happens when you least expect it and have multiple sets of eyes watching you how you handle it. Some of which are going to judge your parenting abilities based on that sole moment in […]

20 things every expectant first time mom should know!

*Disclosure: Some of the links in this article contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  There are so many things that all moms want to share and advice all those mommies-to-be. These are my 20 pieces of advice for […]

kids and sharing

Sharing is caring. Or is it?

Sharing is caring. This has been circling around for some time now. Especially when it comes to kids. And social media of course :). I am not talking about social media here, but of course it’s gonna be nice if you share some of our stuff :). I am talking about kids taught that sharing […]

Expectations on kids

Do adults place unrealistic expectations on kids?

Grown ups are funny creatures. We tend to forget that we were all kids once and forget how the world looks through the eyes of a child. Adult place so many unrealistic expectations on kids and are then frustrated when kids act like, well..kids! I have been a mom for a few years now. I […]

IVF story that will make you believe in miracles

The happiest day of my life – an IVF story that will make you believe in miracles It is the day that I will remember till the end of my life. The happiest day of my life, the day when my golden boy was born. It was a perfect summer day. A morning covered in […]

Simple minimalism rules that will make you a better parent

Humans are odd creatures, illogical and silly even. We spend most of our lives overworking so we can afford pretty and shiny stuff. We usually end up not having the time to use and enjoy the aforementioned stuff. Remember the saying: “The things you long to have, end up owning you.” Take your time and […]

independent child

9 Ways To Help Your Child Become INDEPENDENT!

Once we become parents, almost every perspective on life we had is changed. We make more room for our tiny humans in our personal space and time, devoting ourselves to their well being and happiness. At times, we are exaggerating; becoming too obsessed with making everything for them and offering as much as there is […]

How I went from 2.000 to 10.000 blog visits in my fourth month of blogging!

For the ones that have followed me for some time, they know that I am a single stay at home mom of a 5 month old baby now. For all the moms out there that blog, you know how babies/kids are and how little to almost no time at all you have for yourself, and […]

teen texting

Teen Texting Codes All Parents Should Know

I consider myself relatively up-to-date with modern day technology, social networks and other internet trends in general. But, oh boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Teen texting codes? Did you have any idea how much things are different now, as opposed to just few years ago when we were teens? Okay, maybe more than […]

Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

When talking about happiness and how to achieve it, almost always you will find the family mentioned as an integral part of being happy and secure, or compared to the biggest treasures one can find. I, personally, have always been inclined to having or being a part of a big family, believing that there is […]