kids phone rules every parent should know

5 non-negotiable kids phone rules every parent should be aware of

Whatever the reasons will be for giving your kid a phone, there are non negotiable phone rules for kids every parent must know and set early on.

5 things that are not going to ruin your child

*Disclosure: Some of the links in this article contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  Don’t we all come into parenting thinking we have it all figured out? We imagine how our kid is gonna be this well behaved […]

stop crying

5 Things To Say To Your Child Instead Of “Stop Crying”

Even if sometimes we don’t see a logical reason behind our kids tears and screaming, for them their reasons are very much real. Be it because of a toy they didn’t get or a toy breaking, losing a teddy bear or simply not getting their way. To the parents, sometimes, this whole crying and throwing […]

weaning a toddler that breastfeeds

Tips on weaning a toddler that breastfeeds

Weaning a toddler the gentle way Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing. It creates a strong bond between the mother and the baby. It is the ultimate nourishment for your baby and offers comfort long after the newborn phase. I breastfed my daughter until her second birthday. I always imagined that I would nurse her until […]

When your kid’s No means No – respecting their choices

We try to teach our kids while they are still young that No means No in various ways. Maybe it is more common that parents use the word no, but I can say, without any doubts, that in our case my daughter is the queen of NOs. Like, every other word she says is a […]

DRY DROWNING! – How To Recognize It and How To Prevent It!!

One of the most terrifying things for me as a parent, in relation to summer and swimming is dry drowning. I am familiar with drowning and the dangers that may occur while our little ones are swimming or just being in water. Yet, I wasn’t even aware that there was such a thing as dry […]

10 Tips For Bonding With Your Kids As A Working Mom

As all working moms know, having just a few hours in the day to spend with you kid (and very little energy) can be quite a challenge.

Strong-willed Children; How to Bend Them and NOT Break Them!!

Every child is a blessing and a gift from the universe. And as we all know, every gift shall be accepted as it is. We appreciate and accept everything the nature made for us without questioning if it is good or bad.  We accept that the wind can be warm or cold, the ocean can […]

kid, girl in the sky

5 most important things you can do for your kid

I am a strong believer that good parenting consists of love and patience. The best thing a kid can have is loving and patient parents. Growing up is no easy job. Kids are overwhelmed by emotions they can not express yet with words and in a socially acceptable manner. They are often overwhelmed by learning […]

6 Tips For Traveling With Kids

Summer is the time of the year when we all start to think about vacations, trips and traveling in general. I believe that I have been born with wanderlust. It just never stops – the sweet craving for different places, countries, people to see, meet and explore. The favorite sound for my ears is the […]