When It is For The Best For Parents Not To Interfere

Ever since our children are born, we as parents tend and feel a constant need to protect them and keep them safe. This is the very basis of a strong bond between a child and his parent, but how strong should this bond be? Maintaining balance is the answer to one’s happiness, and it should […]

19 reasons why my kid cries

Before I had a kid on my own, I imagined that somehow only kids that are spoiled are the ones that cry, act out and throw tantrums and that maybe their parents didn’t have the right approach or the appropriate attitude to fix the issue or teach the kid that that’s not right.. Now I’ve […]

This girl told her school teacher that her parents were growing weed!

Kids say the darndest things! It’s all fun and games until your kids says that you are growing a lot of weed in your house. Watch what this girl said, and what actually happened. Hint: it’s not what you think! Definitely worth watching!

The emotional spectrum I go through while dealing with a fussy baby

I’m talking about that evening fussiness. The “I’m about to cry FOR HOURS, nap for a few minutes only to trick you into thinking that this is THE ONE, I am asleep, only to wake up 4 minutes later and scream even louder” stage. I usually start full with hope, “I got this” attitude, only […]

Things I used to do before I became a mom that I don’t see myself doing again in the near future

As a mom to a 3 months old baby, not that I don’t have much free time, I actually don’t have ANY free time. With the constant feeding and holding baby in your arms, you literally barely have time to even feed yourself. Talk about losing that baby weight, huh? Without the further explanation of […]