Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

When talking about happiness and how to achieve it, almost always you will find the family mentioned as an integral part of being happy and secure, or compared to the biggest treasures one can find. I, personally, have always been inclined to having or being a part of a big family, believing that there is […]


FUN AND EASY way to get your kids to eat their healthy snacks

Not sure about you ladies, but getting my little monsters to eat their veggies and/or fruit is a hell of a battle we run at our home. But my kids have made some secret deal with the devil that I am apparently not aware of, and that includes refusing to eat any kind of veggies […]

Kate Hudson about the joys of parenting!

We all know and love Kate Hudson! She is funny, beautiful, an amazing actress and a mom of two boys, Ryder and Bingham. Twice divorced, she is a single mom and we can all agree that she is a great mom! In an interview with Marie Claire, Kate Hudson says she is just fine being an […]

This Mom’s Powerful Message To Dads Who Don’t Snap Photos Of Their Wives

Kaylin Maree Schimpf has a powerful message to men who don’t snap photos of their wives. In her facebook post she writes: “Dear men…. take the photo… It doesn’t matter what she looks like, or if she tells you no, take the photo. You may not think about it often, or at all honestly. But how […]

How to make your home a safe and tidy playground

When your family is enlarged with a child (or two), all of a sudden the messiness seems to enlarge too. Toys are everywhere, food and their remains are stored inside of the most impossible to figure out places! (read: behind your bed, inside a truck toy, in the drawer etc..) I am not obsessed with […]

19 reasons why my kid cries

Before I had a kid on my own, I imagined that somehow only kids that are spoiled are the ones that cry, act out and throw tantrums and that maybe their parents didn’t have the right approach or the appropriate attitude to fix the issue or teach the kid that that’s not right.. Now I’ve […]

The emotional spectrum I go through while dealing with a fussy baby

I’m talking about that evening fussiness. The “I’m about to cry FOR HOURS, nap for a few minutes only to trick you into thinking that this is THE ONE, I am asleep, only to wake up 4 minutes later and scream even louder” stage. I usually start full with hope, “I got this” attitude, only […]

How to keep your sanity as a new mom

Welcome to motherhood!! When I was in the hospital giving birth, midst the contractions, one of the nurses told me that this is the easy part. Wait until your kid is born to see how things get harder. I honestly couldn’t imagine anything worse than your whole body shaking in pain, for hours. But little […]