Royal parenting trick we should all know and steal

Royals. Are they just like us? I mean, they struggle with tantrums, except instead of the local supermarket they have to do it in front of he eyes of the whole world.

We are very fond of the British royals and their hands on approach to parenting. Particularly this “royal parenting trick”.

If you spend time looking at pictures of the royal kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, you must have noticed how Prince William always kneels when talking to his kids.

royal parenting trick
Source: Getty WPA Pool/Pool
royal parenting trick
Source: Getty Chris Jackson/Staff
royal parenting trick
Source: Getty Richard Pohle/Staff

Even president Obama did it when visiting the Kensington Palace and obviously disrupting Prince George’s bed time.

royal parenting trick
Source: Getty The White House/Handout

Experts advice that this communication technique works wonders, as your child feels what they are saying is important. They can look you in the eyes, see that you are really listening actively and it encourages them to communicate even more with you. When you get down to your kids level, it gives them importance and improves their self esteem. Imagine talking to people three times your size all the time. You wouldn’t feel good looking at their knees all the time and probably feel very very small.

However, the Queen Elizabeth is not very happy by this Prince William’s habit. She even scolded him when he did it on a very official event and the internet had a blast :)).


Another thing you have to pay attention is, well, your child. Crouching or standing, if you are really not “present”, will make your child feel frustrated. Playing with your phone is a big no-no if you want to establish good communication with your kid. Be there and really listen and you will be amazed how many troubles might just disappear.

royal parenting trick
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So, the next time you are having a hard time communicating with your child, use this royal parenting trick. It might work wonders! Plus it’s royally approved!

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