Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

When talking about happiness and how to achieve it, almost always you will find the family mentioned as an integral part of being happy and secure, or compared to the biggest treasures one can find. I, personally, have always been inclined to having or being a part of a big family, believing that there is […]

People Confess Their Marriage Secrets

If I could choose what my superpower would be, I am most definitely choosing being able to read people’s minds. I always found it very interesting to be able to know exactly how people feel or what they think. Not in a manipulative way, but just out of curiosity and in an effort to better […]

Awesome Kids Playgrounds Even Adults Can’t Resist

Since becoming a parent, playgrounds are pretty much part of everyday life now. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon with my daughter. We are always searching for new awesome kids’ playgrounds in my town, ones we haven’t been yet. We also fight every day when it’s time to leave. However, I found this Danish […]

Fun And Easy Games To Keep Your Toddler Occupied

Every mother of a toddler boy will tell you that it is almost insane how much energy do these tiny humans have. They are always running, jumping, bouncing, it is hard to follow them at times. And God they are so loud! It’s screaming all the time! It seems as though they enjoy louder tones […]

When It is For The Best For Parents Not To Interfere

Ever since our children are born, we as parents tend and feel a constant need to protect them and keep them safe. This is the very basis of a strong bond between a child and his parent, but how strong should this bond be? Maintaining balance is the answer to one’s happiness, and it should […]

David Beckham – #1 Celebrity Father

Ever since I became a mother, I find myself liking a bit more of the devoted celebrity parents. We get to better understand the difficulties and challenges of the parenthood, only when we become parents. Therefore, when we get to see that some celebrity we used to be a devoted fan of, is also a […]

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Since the summer days are near, and we have to get ready for the beach, it’s time to tighten up and lose some fat. A healthy diet would make a big deal for a flat tummy, therefore I am sharing some of my favorite smoothie recipes to help you stay healthy and fit. 1.Banana Ginger […]

Documentaries You Can Watch With Your Children

We all know that our kids are quite fond of movies: animated, cartoons and all types of you tube videos. But what about watching a documentary that can actually impose some influences, provoke a deeper thinking, teach them something important and bring something good in their uprising? Home education is a big part of the […]


FUN AND EASY way to get your kids to eat their healthy snacks

Not sure about you ladies, but getting my little monsters to eat their veggies and/or fruit is a hell of a battle we run at our home. But my kids have made some secret deal with the devil that I am apparently not aware of, and that includes refusing to eat any kind of veggies […]

raise a world changer

How To Raise A World Changer?

Do you ever get the feeling that somehow everything is going in the wrong direction in this world? People are always busy, running in an unknown direction. They seem to be selfish about the needs of others, consuming much more than necessary, grabbing off nature in a greedy manner, destroying more than creating etc.. “Be the […]