Expectations on kids

Do adults place unrealistic expectations on kids?

Grown ups are funny creatures. We tend to forget that we were all kids once and forget how the world looks through the eyes of a child. Adult place so many unrealistic expectations on kids and are then frustrated when kids act like, well..kids! I have been a mom for a few years now. I […]

5 things you can learn from your child that will make you a happier person

Did you ever realize that being a mother means that you will be the very first teacher to your child? You are the one that is teaching them to walk, talk, how to eat and everything in general. They all have different learning mechanisms, but their first teacher always remains the same – one of […]

IVF story that will make you believe in miracles

The happiest day of my life – an IVF story that will make you believe in miracles It is the day that I will remember till the end of my life. The happiest day of my life, the day when my golden boy was born. It was a perfect summer day. A morning covered in […]

Single Stay-At-Home Mom – 10 Ways Of How I’m ROCKING This!

Being a single mom and also being a stay-at-home mom can be incredible difficult and overwhelming. It sounds like I hit the jackpot on this one and I got both! But it’s not bad. It is incredibly difficult and challenging, but it is not bad at all. I didn’t get lost in the postpartum depression, […]

Simple minimalism rules that will make you a better parent

Humans are odd creatures, illogical and silly even. We spend most of our lives overworking so we can afford pretty and shiny stuff. We usually end up not having the time to use and enjoy the aforementioned stuff. Remember the saying: “The things you long to have, end up owning you.” Take your time and […]

family traditions

3 great benefits that will make you start your own family traditions

Growing up I loved holidays! I didn’t really understand why and what I really liked about them, but something about holidays made me feel happy and excited. I really liked spending time with my family and getting presents from time to time was preeeetty awesome. There isn’t a person on the face of Earth that […]

Kid horoscope – Can we guess your kid’s character?

Every person is a unique combination of feelings, experiences and characteristics. There are 7.3 billion people on this planet and we are all different and unique! Even though we are genetically related to our parents and our family, we can still come as a surprise or a black sheep for the rest of the family. […]

When your kid’s No means No – respecting their choices

We try to teach our kids while they are still young that No means No in various ways. Maybe it is more common that parents use the word no, but I can say, without any doubts, that in our case my daughter is the queen of NOs. Like, every other word she says is a […]

Group Boards To Join On Pinterest!!!

Here are some of the group boards on Pinterest that I am in, that have plenty of members and I get most my repins from: Group boards on Pinterest for ANY NICHE: 1. Blogging Pros Group Board 2. Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Group 3. Read All The Blogs! 4. ~Promote your blog~ 5. Best […]

For all the MOM BLOGGERS!

Hi Everyone!! For everyone that has read my one and only post about blogging, about how I went from 2.000 to 10.000 Blog Visits in my fourth month of blogging, you know that I am ALL ABOUT PINTEREST! It has worked very well for my blog. Joining and pinning to the group boards I have […]