first time mom

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, and throughout my whole pregnancy, I was OBSESSED with reading about what should or shouldn’t I eat, or drink, or do, or don’t do, reading all kinds of different articles about every single thing an expectant mom is supposed to do or not do during the course of […]

Baby Food Chart

We made this Baby Food Chart so it can be easier for you to figure out which foods are age appropriate when you start introducing solids to your baby. Pin it to your Pinterest profile or you can print it out here! Please make sure to always consult your baby’s pediatrician before introducing new foods to your […]

how to keep you house clean and tidy with kids

How to keep your house clean and tidy WITH KIDS

Do you ever feel like living in a frat house since having a kid? Like you can never ever get a break from picking up sippy cups, clothes and toys with half their parts missing? Is it really so hard to keep your house clean and tidy with kids living in it? I am a […]

handle tantrums

Handle tantrums like a pro with these 3 easy steps

Kids are not well known for being “reasonable”. Or well behaved. Or choosing the time for their meltdowns and tantrums. It happens when you least expect it and have multiple sets of eyes watching you how you handle it. Some of which are going to judge your parenting abilities based on that sole moment in […]

20 things every expectant first time mom should know!

There are so many things that all moms want to share and advice all those mommies-to-be. These are my 20 pieces of advice for every expectant mom or a first time mom-to-be: During and after your pregnancy, people will constantly share their opinion with you. Almost everybody loves giving so many many advice to a first […]

kids and sharing

Sharing is caring. Or is it?

Sharing is caring. This has been circling around for some time now. Especially when it comes to kids. And social media of course :). I am not talking about social media here, but of course it’s gonna be nice if you share some of our stuff :). I am talking about kids taught that sharing […]

calm mom

How to be a calm mom even when it’s really really hard

I always imagined I would be a calm mom. A super cool mother and a best friend to my child. Turns out this fantasy I had, like many others, was crushed by the harsh reality of having a real child and not a hypothetical one. Being in this parenting gig for few years now I […]

Learn and play - guide to spending quality time with your kids

Play and Learn guide for quality time with your kids

Being a parent comes with a constant struggle of being torn between the amount of time we spend with our kids and the quality of the experiences we provide for them. We are investing most of our hours to provide them the best toys, all the fancy clothes, the best extra curriculum activities… all the […]

weaning a toddler that breastfeeds

Tips on weaning a toddler that breastfeeds

Weaning a toddler the gentle way Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing. It creates a strong bond between the mother and the baby. It is the ultimate nourishment for your baby and offers comfort long after the newborn phase. I breastfed my daughter until her second birthday. I always imagined that I would nurse her until […]

only moms understand

11 things only moms understand

“There are some things that only moms understand.” I have heard this more than a few times before becoming a mother. I never understood. You know, the problem with youngsters is that they think they have it all figured out. And then you grow up, have a kid on your own and you realize you […]