minimalist christmas

How to have a Very Merry Minimalist Christmas

It is that time of the year again. The most magical time of the year filled with shiny colorful lights, heartwarming music everywhere, gifts, family gatherings and plenty of eating and drinking.

It’s Christmas time!!

Is there a person who doesn’t love Christmas and all the warm feelings it brings? When November brings the cold in my town my son starts asking: “How long till Christmas mommy?” “When am I writing my letter to Santa?” “Can we put out the Christmas tree already?” … It never stops so we have all our Christmas decorations even before December starts.

minimalist christmas
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Aside from all the magical decorations, the holiday season is also known for bringing a lot of stress at our front doors, too. Christmas gifts and decorations can empty our wallets and our energy, making us more stressful than merry.

Christmas celebration should also wake our empathy and inspire us to help and give hand to the ones that need it the most. The Christmas spirit is to make everyone feel safe and warm at least for a day. To help the homeless, to prepare and give food to the ones that can’t afford it, to show them that we care.

Instead, we are mostly spending a whole month buying unnecessary things and running around store after store looking for that perfect gift and spending more money.

There is an alternative to this.

Minimalist Christmas

No I am not trying to kill the Christmas spirit. Just giving a few ideas that can help you have a very merry Christmas without going broke.

  1. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect.
    We all have that need to make everything perfect for our children, especially on Christmas. We want it to be magical for them, the best Christmas ever. This striving for perfection is probably the main reason for all the stress during the holiday season. You can just change your attitude. You can be perfectly happy surrounded with imperfections. Keep reminding yourself that happiness is a feeling, not a thing, and go from there. Be focused on creating experiences and traditions instead of just buying toys.
  2. Give mindful gifts.
    The gift giving part of Christmas is what our children love the most. As you probably don’t want the to grow up in over consuming adults, set the example early on. Teach them that the perfect gift is always a gift you can afford. In order to involve them make it a tradition that everyone needs to make a gift for every member of the family. You can find tons of simple Christmas crafts on Pinterest and you will have one more special day filled with creativity and crafts. Have the kids Christmas cards for their grand parents.
    Another good rule I like to follow when buying presents for my son and nephews is the good old ” something you need, something you want, something to wear and something to read”. It keeps you from going overboard on presents and focus more on experiences.
  3. Don’t exclude charity.
    If we want to keep the Christmas spirit we can’t forget about the less fortunate. You can make a tradition with your kids where they are supposed to make another child happy. Let them choose ten of their toys that are still in good condition. Than they wrap them by themselves and their gift is ready to make another child smile.
  4. Decorate minimally.
    There is no rule that says that your Christmas tree must be big. You can also decorate a small pine tree. Another idea is to make a Christmas tree of bare branches or to use the colorful lights to draw one on the wall in your dining room. You can also use only the lights as decorations for your Christmas tree. The best way to make sure that you will keep the things simple is to use two or three colors. Adding some greenery in your home is always a good idea for decoration. You can use real pine branches in water vase or made into a wreath. They are actually healthy for you. Candles and small lanterns will bring warmth and that festive scent, you can use them in abundance.
  5. Spend quality time together.
    Instead of catching up with friends or relatives over yet another meal, go for a winter walk. Get some fresh air and spend your time listening to what they have to share or say. When you are inside, take your time and switch off the technology. Forget about television, your phone, or social media. Give yourself space for your own thoughts only and share them in person with the ones around you.

All the commercials and media made us believe that a perfect Christmas is made of abundance of gifts, decorations, happiness, and abundance of everything in general. When in reality, happiness is made out of simple things. Simplicity equals peace and joy. Less has more meaning than abundance. Keeping it simple will provide the serenity that is necessary for the Christmas magic to happen and settle in our homes. Just let the door open and wait.

Wishing you a Merry and abundantly joyful minimalist Christmas!!

Daniela Miovska

My Quiet Spot

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