How I went from 2.000 to 10.000 blog visits in my fourth month of blogging!

For the ones that have followed me for some time, they know that I am a single stay at home mom of a 5 month old baby now. For all the moms out there that blog, you know how babies/kids are and how little to almost no time at all you have for yourself, and […]

6 Tips For Traveling With Kids

Summer is the time of the year when we all start to think about vacations, trips and traveling in general. I believe that I have been born with wanderlust. It just never stops – the sweet craving for different places, countries, people to see, meet and explore. The favorite sound for my ears is the […]

6 Easy Experiments For The Future Scientists

The best students in this world are the children. They are natural born explorers. Their thirst for knowledge is remarkable and their curiosity never ends. We, as parents, should do everything we can to keep their enthusiasm and the pure joy of learning alive! We all know that they get bored quite easily, and in […]

teen texting

Teen Texting Codes All Parents Should Know

I consider myself relatively up-to-date with modern day technology, social networks and other internet trends in general. But, oh boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Teen texting codes? Did you have any idea how much things are different now, as opposed to just few years ago when we were teens? Okay, maybe more than […]

50 Summer Kids Activities That Are Almost Free

50 almost free summer kids activities Keeping you kids busy can be a tough task sometimes. We created a list of 50 almost free summer kids activities you can do with your children this summer. Some of them won’t cost a penny and some of them you can do with whatever supplies you have at home. Your […]

Potty training 101-Guide to help you potty train your little one

Every mom knows the most dreadful thing in the first years of your kids life. Diaper changing!! They try to run, they hit hard, you try to distract them with whatever you got in the reach of your hands… Almost nothing helps and you have a toddler running through the house with nothing but socks […]

Healthy Snacks For You And Your Little One

For all of you mommies (and I am quite sure that our number is increasing constantly) that have little picky eaters or energy monsters that cannot stand still and eat at the table, today I am offering some easy recipes for finger foods that looks and tastes deliciously, so that your little ones will start […]

Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

When talking about happiness and how to achieve it, almost always you will find the family mentioned as an integral part of being happy and secure, or compared to the biggest treasures one can find. I, personally, have always been inclined to having or being a part of a big family, believing that there is […]

Fun And Easy Games To Keep Your Toddler Occupied

Every mother of a toddler boy will tell you that it is almost insane how much energy do these tiny humans have. They are always running, jumping, bouncing, it is hard to follow them at times. And God they are so loud! It’s screaming all the time! It seems as though they enjoy louder tones […]

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Since the summer days are near, and we have to get ready for the beach, it’s time to tighten up and lose some fat. A healthy diet would make a big deal for a flat tummy, therefore I am sharing some of my favorite smoothie recipes to help you stay healthy and fit. 1.Banana Ginger […]