The Most Suitable Motivational Quote for Each of the Zodiac Signs

Everyone needs a motivation boost every once in a while, given how challenging life can get. If you are looking for some motivation directed at you and only you, read on to find your sign and see what the most suitable motivational quote for your zodiac sign is! ARIES “Enjoy the little things, for one […]

7 Days Happiness Challenge – Feel Your Happiness Levels Significantly Increase!

I am not saying that this is for people who are not happy; in fact, this is just for about anyone! Sometimes, when we step out of our comfort zones and do other things than just doing what we regularly do on a daily basis, it can significantly increase our happiness level, fill us with […]

9 Habits That Block Your Happiness – Get Rid Of Them And Be Truly Happy!

Everyone is in pursuit of happiness – that is something we all look for and strive for in our everyday lives. But these are some habits that we all have that are blocking us from being truly happy. Things that we don’t realize that affect the happiness in our lives and that prevent us from […]

10 Habits You Can Start Right Now To Appear More Confident

In most areas of our lives, confidence is the key to success. People who appear confident achieve greater success than the ones with low self-confidence. For some people, confidence comes naturally. But a lot of people confidence doesn’t come that way. For people with lower self-confidence, social situations are quite difficult and they make them very […]

8 Things You Must Remember When Going Through Rough Times!

Life tends to throw difficulties our way and put many obstacles between us and the things we are going after. Many times, when battling with life, we tend to get insecure, feel lost, sad and down. Instead of isolating yourself from everyone and letting that sadness overtake your life, here are some advices to make […]

body positiivity

Amazing Body Positivity Video Project

Body positivity is something you are born with. Kids are so comfortable in their own skin most of the time. You can observe this in how they dance, how they are completely fine with being naked, how they sing with the self-confidence of Beyonce :). Then we get a bit older, probably while going through […]

“Explaining my depression to my mother” – a poem

Explaining depression is almost impossible to those who have not been there. Recently I came across a video of a girl, Sabrina Benaim, reciting a poem called “Explaining my depression to my mother – A Conversation”. It was the most chilling video I have seen lately. People struggling with depression are very often misunderstood. Society […]

A list of things every woman should accomplish before becoming a mother

10 Things Every Woman Should Accomplish Before Becoming A Mom

As a woman I can say that us, women, are kind of magical creatures. And also very complicated :). We have many different sides and we fulfill many different roles. I personally consider the role of a mother to be the most important and significant role in my life. We often say that when a […]

Emma Watson: “If not me, who? If not now, when?” (video)

In honor of International Women’s Day, listen to this speech from Emma Watson on feminism. So spot on! xo, Amber, My Quiet Spot