7 Days Happiness Challenge – Feel Your Happiness Levels Significantly Increase!

I am not saying that this is for people who are not happy; in fact, this is just for about anyone! Sometimes, when we step out of our comfort zones and do other things than just doing what we regularly do on a daily basis, it can significantly increase our happiness level, fill us with […]

a mother's prayer for her daughter

“A Mother’s Prayer For Her Daughter” – Not Your Typical Prayer

For everyone that knows Tina Fey, they know she is one of the best comedians out there. This woman is a true inspiration, at least to me. I am one of her biggest fans! She wrote “A Mother’s Prayer for Her Daughter” and we all love it! Source: DailyMail “A Mother’s Prayer for Her Daughter” First, […]

Royal parenting trick we should all know and steal

Royals. Are they just like us? I mean, they struggle with tantrums, except instead of the local supermarket they have to do it in front of he eyes of the whole world. We are very fond of the British royals and their hands on approach to parenting. Particularly this “royal parenting trick”. If you spend […]

banned baby names

You will be shocked by these banned baby names

Don’t we all know a person with a weird name? Well, these banned baby names go to a whole new level! Some people obviously came up with some really “unique” ones that somebody had to interfere. Somebody had to think about those poor kids’ future. I am guessing it went something like this but someone […]

only moms understand

11 things only moms understand

“There are some things that only moms understand.” I have heard this more than a few times before becoming a mother. I never understood. You know, the problem with youngsters is that they think they have it all figured out. And then you grow up, have a kid on your own and you realize you […]

Kid horoscope – Can we guess your kid’s character?

Every person is a unique combination of feelings, experiences and characteristics. There are 7.3 billion people on this planet and we are all different and unique! Even though we are genetically related to our parents and our family, we can still come as a surprise or a black sheep for the rest of the family. […]

Mommy Horoscope-What Kind Of Mom Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

*Disclosure: Some of the links in this article contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  Before I start with the Mommy horoscope and describe the traits and personality of each mommy accordingly to her zodiac signs, I want to […]

magic dolls on www.myquietspot.com

Magic Dolls-Unique Pieces Of Art That Everyone Needs

Is there any girl or woman that does not love dolls? Baby dolls, Barbie dolls, porcelain dolls, the choices are many! Almost every female has a childhood doll she used to play, eat and sleep with. A best friend doll that even though we are not kids anymore, we still carry in our hearts and […]


Funniest Dad Award Goes To Twitter Star James Breakwell

We don’t do best dad’s contests, but we like funny. Funny is what gets me through the day. Being a parent is the toughest job in the world and you only get paid in smooches and occasional good laugh. Like mispronounced words. Or a well timed fart from some of the kids. So today we host an imaginary […]

This Wedding Photo Went Viral And Is Bringing Everyone To Tears!

James Day is an amazing professional photographer from Australia and among his many photographs from many weddings, he found this one to be very special! Once reading his post on his Facebook page that went viral and brought tears to many, I was definitely moved by every word he said and the picture itself, and […]