How I went from 2.000 to 10.000 blog visits in my fourth month of blogging!

For the ones that have followed me for some time, they know that I am a single stay at home mom of a 5 month old baby now. For all the moms out there that blog, you know how babies/kids are and how little to almost no time at all you have for yourself, and lets not even mention time to blog!

But I do make time for it. When something is a priority, even with the little free time you manage on your hands, you somehow MAKE time for the things that matter. Like your blog, especially if you also plan on making money off of it.

In this article I will explain how I managed to get to 10.000+ views on my website in only my fourth month of blogging and if you do subscribe to my weekly emails, I will give you links to Facebook Pages and Pinterest Group Boards that you can join to promote your blog.


For some of you, 10.000 might sound like a silly number, but for someone that could barely get 2.000 views on their new blog and is happy about it, 10.000 was a huge win for me!!!!!

First let me start off with Facebook.
Now this is a real fight, I am telling you. I have heard a lot about the old algorithm and the new algorithm and I have read articles, talked to successful blog owners and people that have over 500.000+ followers on their pages.. Trust me, I have done my research very well and I am still fighting to get to 2000 likes! But what I have learned is that yes, it does matter a lot how many followers you have on your page, but your sites success doesn’t depend on it!

Some of the things that I have done to promote my page on Facebook is find pages in my niche and message the owners. Introduce yourself, explain about yourself and the kind of blog you run, and kindly asked them if you can arrange some share for share deal or something that works for you two, so that they promote you and your page/site. The kind page owners that did this for me managed to get me 300+ likes in only 2 days! If they do agree to share one of your blog posts, find one that has worked successfully for you so far and that it has been proven to you that people are interested in that certain article.
They might agree to sharing a picture of your page, which also works good because right by it, it has the little “like” button that also gives them the option to quickly like your page while viewing the shared post.

–if you are interested in finding out which pages agreed to help me, message me and I will be more than happy to tell you!– *only if you have a parenting blog, since the pages that shared mine are also parenting pages.


Another tip for Facebook that I can give you that did great for me is join the Bloggers Supporting Bloggers kind of groups!! They have thousands of members, all struggling like we are :D, and trust me, they are more than happy to help you or if you help them, they return the favor. I am talking about liking your page, sharing your posts on their personal or business page, which makes them more popular so the reach on your post can grow bigger. I usually introduce myself and kindly ask them for their opinion of a certain article of mine and they always seem to leave a comment. I love that! Makes me think that someone was interested enough to read it. There are many people in those kinds of groups, and all my new virtual mom blogger friends I have met that way, I managed to keep interested and come back for more. Yes, they shared or liked a post to help me out at the beginning, or liked my page, but most of them still like my daily updates on my page, which means they really truly did like them and are interested. What I am trying to say is that, this way, among all the new followers, I gained some that were truly interested in what I share.
Connecting with other bloggers is very important. They help each other, especially when you find someone in your niche.

The MANY groups that I am in, they have a different thread every day. For example, Monday is for Twitter share, Tuesday Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, a certain blog post that you need a little boost for. They work pretty great, and if you are interested in them, subscribe to my weekly emails and I will be more than happy to give you them one by one!!!!! Also, tell me your Facebook page and I will INSTANTLY LIKE IT and try to share something of yours on mine and also my personal page.

(This post is turning out longer than I imagined haha but there are SO MANY THINGS THAT I WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU!! J )


Next one is PINTEREST!!

This one right here SAVED ME AND MY BLOG! Trust me on this one!! 80% of my web site traffic is through PINTEREST! Joining group boards and pinning THE RIGHT PIN that goes VIRAL EVERY TIME! In my weekly emails to my subscribers, I always send them a new list of group boards they can join as I discover them. A lot of them are for Parenting Bloggers, but I do have plenty that are just for every niche. Everyone shares whatever their blog is about, doesn’t matter if it’s about traveling, parenting, business, cooking etc..-you get the idea. I do have one myself that I repin a lot from since I want to help my fellow bloggers. Follow me on there – My Quiet Spot – and message me on for an invite and I will add you immediately. Unless I’m sleeping, which I barely ever do, or my baby is crying, which Thank God, he is a good one and barely ever does. Sweet mommas boy <3


I do have a lot more to share with you, which will come in my next article on my blog. Make sure to follow me on Facebook if you’d like – My Quiet Spot – and you will see it on there. Or if you do subscribe, you will be the first one to get it in my weekly email, following by new PINTEREST GROUPS TO JOIN IN EVERY EMAIL THAT I WILL SEND TO YOU, in case you don’t want to do the research yourself, or you haven’t already discovered the ones that I have.

Always here to help you,
My Quiet Spot <3

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  1. Awesome! I’m now in my 2ND month and in my first month I actually got 1800 page views! I think it’s awesome but I truly have no idea, haha. I’m definitely subscribing.

  2. This is very helpful, thank you for sharing. I am new to this wonderful blogging world and this tips will really help me.
    Please visit my blog and leave me a comment of what you think.

  3. Great tips, thank you for sharing some awesome info. I am in my 6th month and am nowhere near 10,000. I have days where I question whether this is worth it. I do pinterest, instagram and facebook. I just recently joined several blogging groups on facebook so I’m hoping this will help boost my morale and I can learn a bunch of great stuff from fellow bloggers (like you!), I’m also debating trying boardbooster.

  4. Thank you so much for the tips I am newly getting started and am also in the parenting/mom blogger niche. It is so hard getting yourself out there so here goes nothing. 🙂

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