minimalist christmas

How to have a Very Merry Minimalist Christmas

It is that time of the year again. The most magical time of the year filled with shiny colorful lights, heartwarming music everywhere, gifts, family gatherings and plenty of eating and drinking. It’s Christmas time!! Is there a person who doesn’t love Christmas and all the warm feelings it brings? When November brings the cold […]

Parenting evolution – are we there yet?

Technological evolution We are living in a society that has reached its peak in evolving and developing. We are at a point where we are carrying in our pockets all the knowledge there is in this world. Any kind of information we need to know is just a click away. So, without doubt I can […]

5 things you can learn from your child that will make you a happier person

Did you ever realize that being a mother means that you will be the very first teacher to your child? You are the one that is teaching them to walk, talk, how to eat and everything in general. They all have different learning mechanisms, but their first teacher always remains the same – one of […]

IVF story that will make you believe in miracles

The happiest day of my life – an IVF story that will make you believe in miracles It is the day that I will remember till the end of my life. The happiest day of my life, the day when my golden boy was born. It was a perfect summer day. A morning covered in […]