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5 Things To Say To Your Child Instead Of “Stop Crying”

Even if sometimes we don’t see a logical reason behind our kids tears and screaming, for them their reasons are very much real. Be it because of a toy they didn’t get or a toy breaking, losing a teddy bear or simply not getting their way.

To the parents, sometimes, this whole crying and throwing a tantrum can be quite frustrating. It’s okay to say that; we have all been there.

But here are some things that you can say to your child instead of using the phrase “stop crying” and the reason behind why you should use them.

1. “It’s okay to be sad”

Teach them that the emotion that they are feeling is very much normal. It is normal to get upset and be sad over a certain whatever it is that your child is sad about. It’s okay for them to learn that other times they might be sad again, but you will always be there to focus them to the positive and help them overcome their sadness. Once the tears are not as intense, explain to them and point out the things that they should be happy about! This way, they will learn to look for the positive and not focus on the sadness as much.

2. “I am here with you and for you”

This will help to make it easier for them, knowing that their parent, their most important person in the world, is here with them through whatever difficulty they are going through. By simply saying this to them, it might instantly make them feel better knowing that they are not alone. Mommy is here, she’s got you!! 

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3. “Tell me about it”

Going through the process of what happened can make it easier for them. Once they tell you what happened, they might realize it wasn’t a big deal as it seemed. You can point out some positive factors out of the whole happening on which they can focus on and look at the bright side of the issue.

4. “Let me help you work this out”

Once again, you are letting them know that you are here for them and will help them work out their issue. Also, you are focusing them on fixing the issue at hand, instead of keeping on crying and remaining stuck at the moment of sadness.

5. “I am ready to listen whenever you are ready to tell me what happened”

Even though you are giving them time and space, you will see that they will probably start talking right away and tell you about their issue. They will probably stop crying pretty soon once they have something different to focus on.

stop crying
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