10 ways to raise a happy child

10 Ways to Raise a Happier Child

Don’t we all want only the best for our kids? Seeing them happy is all the fuel we need. Modern day living leaves us with less and less time to spend with our families. As a working mom, I try to spend quality time with my daughter because quantity is not something I have, unfortunately.
These are my 10 ways to make my child happier, ways that work for us and our family. Hope you find use for some of them with your family.

1. Listen to what your kid has to say to you.

You might think this comes as a given but, many times we respond to our kids while looking at our phones and not completely focused on what they were saying.

2. Let them express their emotions.

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Yes, even the ugly ones, screaming, crying and such. Talk about how they feel once they calm down. Kids don’t know how to handle such big emotions and sometimes don’t fully understand that it is socially unacceptable to lie on the floor crying in the middle of the store. But you can teach them and talk to them when they’re calm.

3. Encourage good behavior.

Praise them when they do something good. It can work magically for both you and your kiddo.

4. Let them run and jump.

Make sure that any form of outdoor physical activity is part of your kid’s everyday routine. Kids need to roam free, at least a bit, every single day.

5. Make sure they are well rested.

Set up a routine that works for your child and follow it. Tired kid means cranky kid and sometimes angry kid. And ain’t nobody wants that.

6. Play with them.

Take at least half an hour every day to do an activity that your child enjoys. Play ball, read a book, paint with glitter, whatever works for you and your child.

10 ways to raise a happier child
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7. Turn the TV off.

TVs, Ipads and phones steal our attention without us even noticing. Notice how every time the TV is off, your kid will find something to do and occupy themselves. Having the TV off can do miracles in regards of better communication and spending quality time for the whole family.

8. Let them help you.

I know it takes 5x the time if you let your kid help but, this builds their confidence, makes them feel valuable and builds good habits. It also gives them the chance to do something for you, to contribute as a family member, no matter how young.

9. Set boundaries.

Discipline is crucial in raising a happy kid and sets them on the right path. Pick your battles, don’t sweat over the small stuff, but when you set a rule make sure to stick with it.

10. And finally, show them love and affection.

Make sure to remind your kiddo how much you love them, as much as possible. Tell them what you love about them and all their good qualities. And enjoy their childhood because they grow up sooner than we all think!

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  1. September 4, 2017

    Great tips! I let my children help whenever I could, everything takes a little longer but it’s so worth it to see how pleased they are with themselves afterwards!

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