10 Habits You Can Start Right Now To Appear More Confident

In most areas of our lives, confidence is the key to success. People who appear confident achieve greater success than the ones with low self-confidence. For some people, confidence comes naturally. But a lot of people confidence doesn’t come that way. For people with lower self-confidence, social situations are quite difficult and they make them very nervous.

Our poses, postures, hand positions, shoulders, eye contact and many more are a great source of information which most people read without even thinking. For example, people with confidence won’t break eye contact but people that are feeling nervous in such situations and have lower confidence will break eye contact and look around or at the ground.

Practicing positive body language can definitely help that! The greatest benefit of practicing a positive body language is that you can trick yourself into becoming confident. Here are 10 ways to modify your body language in order to appear more self-assured, relaxed and in control, and to project a more confident image!

1. Stand Up Straight

Keeping your back straight, your shoulders back and your head held high displays status, power and that you are in control of your life and of the situation you are in. It can be hard at first, and you’ll probably catch yourself slouching just once again, but make sure to work on it until it becomes a habit. You will be walking taller as you have been doing it since always in no time!

2. Keep Your Hands Out Of Your Pockets

Always, always, ALWAYS keep your hands OUT of your pockets. People tend to “hide” their hands in their pockets when they are uncomfortable, nervous and unsure. And if you keep your hands in your pockets, that is exactly the way people will see you as. Keeping your hands out of your pockets and visible makes you seem as you are ready to handle anything.

3. Gesture With Your Palms Upwards

Gesturing with your palms facing up will make you appear more confident since it gives the impression of honesty and makes you seem trustworthy.

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4. Keep Your Chin And Head Up

Whether you are walking down the street or having a conversation with someone, make sure to always keep your head and chin up and that you are looking straight ahead. If you are having a conversation with someone, make sure to keep eye contact. Confident people look ahead instead of looking at the ground or looking around. Looking down or anywhere else makes you seem shy and insecure.

5. Maintain Eye Contact

This is probably one of the most important techniques to practice. It will make you appear confident and people will take you more seriously. Eye contact creates a connection between you and the person you are speaking to, and it makes you appear friendly and honest.

6. Stand In An Open Stance

When people stand with their feet too close together, or they keep moving them around, it makes them seem shy and timid. Standing with your feet in a wide stance shows confidence. Try to have your feet in line with your shoulders with your feet pointing outward.

7. Don’t Fidget

This is the most common habit of people with low self-confidence. It is a clear sign of nervousness, worry and anxiety. People do it in different ways: they play with their thumbs or hands, they move around, shake their legs, play with their keys and so on. We know that this one can be a difficult habit to put an end to, as most times people can be unaware of doing it, but please try to stand still or move only when needed and end any habits of this kind. With a little bit of practice it will for sure become easier for you to remain in a calm, relaxed and comfortable position.

8. Take Bigger Steps

Try to make your stride a bit longer than normal.  Take longer purposeful steps, instead of short, quick and hurried steps.

9. Smile

Smiles will take you a long way! They make you appear more friendly, more honest and you come off as a trustworthy person. They also make you look more attractive.

10. Develop A Firm Handshake 

A firm, solid handshake equals confidence. Your handshake should be firm but not very strong while maintaining eye contact with the person you are greeting. With this kind of handshake you leave the impression of a confident person.

Practicing these habits will take time, but they will definitely help you become and appear as a more confident person. Don’t try to implement all of these habits at once; instead, practice them one by one until they become your daily habit. The more you practice them, the more confident you will appear AND feel!



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