20 things every expectant first time mom should know!

There are so many things that all moms want to share and advice all those mommies-to-be. These are my 20 pieces of advice for every expectant mom or a first time mom-to-be: During and after your pregnancy, people will constantly share their opinion with you. Almost everybody loves giving so many many advice to a first […]

calm mom

How to be a calm mom even when it’s really really hard

I always imagined I would be a calm mom. A super cool mother and a best friend to my child. Turns out this fantasy I had, like many others, was crushed by the harsh reality of having a real child and not a hypothetical one. Being in this parenting gig for few years now I […]

only moms understand

11 things only moms understand

“There are some things that only moms understand.” I have heard this more than a few times before becoming a mother. I never understood. You know, the problem with youngsters is that they think they have it all figured out. And then you grow up, have a kid on your own and you realize you […]

Expectations on kids

Do adults place unrealistic expectations on kids?

Grown ups are funny creatures. We tend to forget that we were all kids once and forget how the world looks through the eyes of a child. Adult place so many unrealistic expectations on kids and are then frustrated when kids act like, well..kids! I have been a mom for a few years now. I […]

try walking in my shoes

‘Try Walking In My Shoes”-Reading between the lines of what your child is not telling you

Have you ever wondered what your child is thinking and feeling when we try to establish rules, discipline, or when we lose control and raise our voice? “Put yourself in my shoes” suits us perfectly well when we are in question and we want to justify our own actions, but this saying applies for the […]

10 Habits You Can Start Right Now To Appear More Confidently

In most areas of our lives, confidence is the key to success. People who appear confident achieve greater success than the ones with low self-confidence. For some people, confidence comes naturally. But a lot of people confidence doesn’t come that way. For people with lower self-confidence, social situations are quite difficult and they make them very […]

5 things that are not going to ruin your child

Don’t we all come into parenting thinking we have it all figured out? We imagine how our kid is gonna be this well behaved miracle of nature that never misbehaves in the middle of the store. How they are not gonna eat any sweets and never watch youtube while you sip on a glass of […]

stop crying

5 Things To Say To Your Child Instead Of “Stop Crying”

Even if sometimes we don’t see a logical reason behind our kids tears and screaming, for them their reasons are very much real. Be it because of a toy they didn’t get or a toy breaking, losing a teddy bear or simply not getting their way. To the parents, sometimes, this whole crying and throwing […]

8 Things You Must Remember When Going Through Rough Times!

Life tends to throw difficulties our way and put many obstacles between us and the things we are going after. Many times, when battling with life, we tend to get insecure, feel lost, sad and down. Instead of isolating yourself from everyone and letting that sadness overtake your life, here are some advices to make […]

minimalist christmas

How to have a Very Merry Minimalist Christmas

It is that time of the year again. The most magical time of the year filled with shiny colorful lights, heartwarming music everywhere, gifts, family gatherings and plenty of eating and drinking. It’s Christmas time!! Is there a person who doesn’t love Christmas and all the warm feelings it brings? When November brings the cold […]

a mother's prayer for her daughter

“A Mother’s Prayer For Her Daughter” – Not Your Typical Prayer

For everyone that knows Tina Fey, they know she is one of the best comedians out there. This woman is a true inspiration, at least to me. I am one of her biggest fans! She wrote “A Mother’s Prayer for Her Daughter” and we all love it! Source: DailyMail “A Mother’s Prayer for Her Daughter” First, […]

Royal parenting trick we should all know and steal

Royals. Are they just like us? I mean, they struggle with tantrums, except instead of the local supermarket they have to do it in front of he eyes of the whole world. We are very fond of the British royals and their hands on approach to parenting. Particularly this “royal parenting trick”. If you spend […]

banned baby names

You will be shocked by these banned baby names

Don’t we all know a person with a weird name? Well, these banned baby names go to a whole new level! Some people obviously came up with some really “unique” ones that somebody had to interfere. Somebody had to think about those poor kids’ future. I am guessing it went something like this but someone […]

Parenting evolution – are we there yet?

Technological evolution We are living in a society that has reached its peak in evolving and developing. We are at a point where we are carrying in our pockets all the knowledge there is in this world. Any kind of information we need to know is just a click away. So, without doubt I can […]

never use these 7 phrases with your kid

Never use these 7 phrases with your kid

Have you ever thought how simple phrases you use can affect your child’s emotions and development? Do you ever consider the fact that your words will either empower or belittle your kid, especially at challenging times? Kids seek guidance and help from their parents. The world can be a scary and confusing place when you […]